WiFi Network Solutions

Wireless (WiFi) networks are no longer just a convenience, it’s a necessity for all homes & businesses. Pathfinder Technology Solutions provides professional & secure wireless solutions at an affordable cost.

Does your business need WiFi?

The world around us is going more and more wireless every day. It is vital that devices connect securely via wireless networks. Whether your employees need access to the corporate network as they move around your location, from desk to desk or conference room to conference room, wireless infrastructure means the freedom to move around the office all while staying connected & secure.

Wireless Access Points

There are a wide variety of wireless technologies available today, how do you know which access point to choose? Which access point works best for your scenario? We design and map your location to ensure you will have the proper coverage and speed needed to run your daily business operations across multiple devices.

Outdoor Point-to-Point Wireless

Time and time again businesses come across an area that they need to get network services or internet access to. Running a direct burial cable is either not an option or too costly. Wireless bridge technology allows for high speed wireless networking over vast distances for a fraction of the cost.

Outdoor Mesh WiFi

Full coverage outdoors with wifi mesh technology. We can provide RV Parks, campgrounds, dealerships, arenas and more with the ability to access your businesses network or provide high speed internet access for customers all while remaining secure.

WiFi Installation Services

We install secured unified wireless systems that allow you to connect securely and safely anywhere within your office building, warehouse or restaurants. We even have you covered with outdoor wireless solutions for sports stadiums or outdoor events such as carnivals, or concerts.

Wireless Management Services

At Pathfinder Technology Solutions we have over 15 years experience in deploying and managing networks. It is important to conduct regular maintenance on a network to ensure it runs as securely and efficiently as possible. Firewalls, access points and network components require regular firmware updates and security patches. Our management tools allow us to keep your devices up to date and secure to make sure you get the most of your network.

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