Data Recovery Services

Backups are not something we think about daily and more and more of our lives are being stored digitally then ever before. It’s just a matter of time but eventually every computer data storage system will fail. Hopefully when that happens you have a backup of that data, but in the event you don’t we have expert data recovery services at your fingertips.

Our Lab

We can extract data from many types of media at our New York Lab, whether it’s a simple recovery or requires a clean room environment and lab equipment.

  • Hard Drives – laptop, desktop or portable
  • USB flash drives
  • SD & microSD cards
  • RAID Array configurations

What do we charge?

Unfortunately giving a price without seeing the device and assessing its condition is impossible. Depending on the level of damage and the repair type needed prices can vary. Below is some basic information on pricing and what it could cost for recovery.

Also please note, drives that have been opened and previously worked on are rarely if ever recoverable so please let us know if someone has already worked on the drive.

Please Note: the + means prices can go up depending on the level of repair/recovery.

SD Cards/microSD cards
  • $250+ for basic data recovery
  • $975+ for board level repair/data recovery
Hard Drives
  • $200+ for basic data recovery/retrieval
  • $300-$500+ for a firmware repair
  • $1000-1500+ for heads swap.
  • $400+ for recovery
  • $400+ for drops, liquid damage, or damage caused by inexperienced repair technicians.


Everyone should have a backup of their sensitive data, whether that be pictures, documents, sensitive business information. There are many ways to backup data either to the cloud or something local onsite. We can also help you set up a method of backing up your data so recovery if ever needed is a last resort.

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